Touchline Fracas

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  • A collective founded in 2013

  • Football community and podcasters

Touchline Fracas are a collective, founded in September 2013 by original members Ife, Lewis, Ayo & Daniel. They later expanded to include Anton, Morayo and Ellis.

In the six years since they began, they have formed and created a footballing community on Twitter amassing over 8000 followers and their #TouchlineFracas hashtag is used 10,000 times on average per month. #TouchlineFracas has become a cultural talking point during live football matches, breaking football stories and general football conversation.

Using urban vernacular and humour, coupled with in-depth analysis of matches and players, their football content delivers in ways many can relate to.

They have been listed twice on “Podcasts to Listen to” by The Guardian, with members also being featured in thought pieces relating to racism in football.

Touchline Fracas have hosted two live sell out shows and off the back of this their future shows will now feature live screening of major football matches from the 2019/20 season.

They continue to push the boundaries of football commentary and aim to change the way football analysis is consumed in the footballing landscape.

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