Women Who Inspire Me by Chloe Shearer


International Women’s Day is a day to recognise and celebrate women globally. Thus it got me thinking which women inspire me on a daily basis…and I’ve found I don't need to look too far from home! I believe the key to success is to surround yourself with strong, positive people. I feel lucky that within my closest circle of friends and family those people exist. Looking at the women within that group, from my Mum, Sister, Nan and Auntie, to my best friends from school and new friends from work, I consider myself one fortunate woman!

From the friend who took a leap of faith and moved her life to the other side of the world, the friend who has studied for years to become a newly qualified barrister, the many talented female clients I work with on a day to day basis, the friend who left her London desk job to start up a new business venture she loved, the friend working two jobs, the single Mum, my Sister who will stop at nothing to become a singer, my Mum who I aspire to be more like everyday, my brilliant all-female office and the friend I also get to call my boss...the list really does go on! I’m constantly inspired and empowered everyday by these women’s remarkable stories, journeys and unbelievable achievements; I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. 

As cliché as it sounds, no matter what, whether it’s a big or small problem or a simple daily task thrown our way, we’re there to advise, guide and be there for one another. A private frantic phone call, a girls-only WhatsApp group, a family situation, a celebration, a word of wisdom or to simply be asked how your day was or how that second date went...there are a group of wonderful women around me. Strong, confident and hardworking, my friends will be truly celebrated this year by me! 

Jo Tongue